New York Times

Quicky for the Letters to the Editor section.

Thanks to AD Nathan Huang!

You can read the whole article here.

T-shirt design for StepArt

New shirts and sweaters with my design are now available through StepArt.


Illustrations for the title story of the current issue of NEON magazine, that is about intelligence.

The animals that I drew all have special abilities.

Paper Cut / Silhouette

The lovely folks of Poste-Aérienne invited me to contribute to their upcoming book project. All I can say so far is, that it will be a book full of paper cuts and there might be one or another satanic reference in it :)

I did a paper cut for the first time and it was a lot of fun! I might do it again.

Klebstoff #7

I have had the great pleasure of doing some sticker designs for the 7th issue of Klebstoff Magazine. This time they teamed up with the amazing Fine Rats and made a stickermag, including some of my most favorite artists and illustrators.

You should buy it, it’s definitely worth it!

It’s available here and there.